Our cultural proposals



Culture is one of the essential components of today’s society. We can offer contemporary art and street art exhibitions, tattoo conventions, shows, concerts and of course, a promotion of art in all its forms..



Contemporary art has now become very popular and it’s growth has invaded the most diverse circles as well as a wider range of new collectors. It has managed to gain a growing audience through constantly renewing artistic proposal.

Street art pushed by underground graffiti circles has gone beyond the walls, squats or trains to cross over to canvas. Banksy, symbolic ambassador known by all, has popularized this art that has become unavoidable.

The art of tattooing is now well established in our current culture. Football players, musicians and models, but also television have popularized the image of tattoo. Previously reserved for the underground culture and groups outside our society, it is now democratized and we cannot escape this art which is becoming a social phenomenon.

Music, is an essential engine of our civilization. Organizing a concert or show, featuring artists is a special moment. Moving crowds, providing happiness to a large audience or giving a chance to artists “to become” but also creating a festival that will one day be a reference, is one of the stated goals of Millenium.



Culture holds a very important place for local communities and municipalities, but also for most of the population that we wishes to reach. The access to cultural activities such as highlighting our heritage, the establishment of festivities related to music, art or sport is in our view essential for the atmosphere and reputation of our cities, our regions and our environment. Millenium proposes highlighting large-scale cultural events in order to enhance the value of communities wishing to sustain this type of action towards the community.



Team spirit, surpassing oneself, goal achievement and respect are values that Millenium believes in and defends..
Offering high level competitions, tournaments and organizing sport events is a will of our company. As former athletes and lovers of various disciplinary sports, it seems essential to highlight sports practices that are important to us and to enchante a passionate audience.